Computer Basic Training

Module cost is R800 (registration fee and notes) all prices include VAT.

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The duration of the Computer Basic Training is 4 (four) consecutive days.
We have 2 (two) classes per day, 2 (two) hours each. Starting at 9AM and 2PM.
Fridays is open days for tests and practicing.
Students will receive an attendance certificate.
Bottomless coffee and tea during breaktime.


You will have basic computer skills such as using a mouse, navigating through windows, printing documents.

You will be able to:

   -  save your documents, copy and paste.
   -  choose the correct computer and software for your needs
   -  judge a computer by its cover
   -  install a memory stick and know how a DVD drive works
   -  scanning for viruses
   -  shut down the computer correctly
   -  check for caps lock and num lock keys (passwords)
   -  to check the memory and hard drive space, used and available
   -  to know the ink your printer is using
   -  to do basic trouble shooting
   -  know what to use when you want to type a letter or a spreadsheet
   -  how to link to the Internet
   -  know the ports on your computer (USB, Network)

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