Module cost is R800 (registration fee and notes) and prices include VAT.

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The duration of the Microsoft Windows Training is 4 (four) consecutive days.
We have 2 (two) classes per day, 2 (two) hours each. Starting at 9AM and 2PM.
Fridays is open days for tests and practicing.
Students will receive an attendance certificate.
Bottomless coffee and tea during breaktime.


You will be able to:

   -  know what is an operating system and the difference between a 32 and 64 bit
   -  set up your computer
   -  connect devices (sound system, memory card, WI FI, DVD ROM, smartphone, printer, Skype camera and mobile modems)
   -  navigate within Windows
   -  putting your computer to sleep, restarting, shutdown correctly
   -  work with Apps
   -  switch between Apps
   -  check your appointments
   -  personalized your computer
   -  work with files and folders
   -  deal with digital photos
   -  work with digital music
   -  play digital music
   -  work with digital videos
   -  surf the Web (Internet)
   -  exchange emails
   -  know netiquette, Internet Security
   -  do automatic updating and securing your computer
   -  do troubleshooting

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